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Jimmy Nelson : SAVE OUR SENTINELS - S.O.S.

Please listen with headphones for best results.
Renowned Indian director Senthil Kumar and photographic artist Jimmy Nelson send out a worldwide call to preserve global cultural heritage by portraying the world’s last indigenous cultures as the sentinels, the guardians, of our planet. By presenting a never-seen-before compilation of images of some of the last indigenous communities of the world, Nelson and Kumar proclaim that it is now time to acknowledge and celebrate indigenous peoples as our new role models; they are the living example of how humans can live in perfect harmony with themselves and the natural world.

“There has never been a better time than now than to bow and acknowledge the superheroes of the natural world. They can guide us out of these dark times into the light of a healthy future.” - Artist Jimmy Nelson

Music Credits :
Vocals: Richard Bona
Vocals: Olena Uutai
Vocals: Nandini Srikar
Vocals: Sharmistha Chatterjee
Additional Vocals: Sneha Shankar /Lakshmi Baburaj/Rashi Salil Harmalkar
Percussion : Taufique Qureshi
Percussion : Viveick Rajagopalan
Percussion/Vocals/Programming/Guitars: Dhruv Ghanekar
Mix and Master: Joseph George
Line Producer : Malita Dias

All Music Composed and Produced by Dhruv Ghanekar